Imparare Italiano

I grew up in Munich with a North Italian father and a Lower Bavarian mother. I was not raised bilingual, but have learned a good bit of Italian through my communication with the Italian part of our big family, some of whom live in Germany, during the annual holidays in Italy and through my personal studies. My knowledge of Italian is not perfect, but I am able to support students going to a "Gymnasium" (grammar school or high school level) who are at beginners' level or even advanced up to the end of the second year.

In the past, I taught Italian to beginners both during my time as an assistant teacher at Dartford Grammar School in Kent (England) and for four years at the Private Commercial School begemann in Munich. Two or three times per school year, I also give Italian lessons during my visits as a temporary staff member at the democratic school De Ruimte in Soest (Netherlands).

Details on course dates and prices.

Lessons for advanced students of Italian tailored to individual needs can be booked with Andrea Moracci, my brother-in-law, in Florence or via Skype. For further information please visit civediamoalbar.